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MOL Rush 3A Type C To Lightning Charger


Built with passion and speed

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Experience Lightning-Fast Charging with the MOL Rush 3A Lightning USB Charger – Power Your Moments Instantly!

Introducing the MOL Rush 3A Type C To Lightning Charger – your passport to swift and efficient charging for all your devices. With its cutting-edge technology and lightning-speed capabilities, this charger redefines the way you power up, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Equipped with a powerful 3A output, it accelerates your charging experience to new heights. From smartphones to tablets, smartwatches to accessories, this charger delivers a rapid power boost that keeps up with your dynamic lifestyle.

Designed for the modern world, the MOL Rush 3A Type C To Lightning Charger  is engineered to provide seamless connectivity and high-speed charging. Its precision-built Lightning connector ensures a snug fit and optimum performance, while the 3A charging capability fuels your devices in no time.

Say goodbye to waiting around for your gadgets to charge. The Charger empowers you to stay in control, keeping you connected and ready to conquer your day. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, this charger is your reliable companion.

Upgrade   today and experience the thrill of lightning-fast power delivery. Don’t settle for ordinary charging – embrace the extraordinary with MOL Rush. Elevate your charging game and power your moments with MOL Rush’s exceptional performance.

Invest in speed, efficiency, and reliability with the Charger – your ultimate charging solution. Unleash the power of lightning-speed charging.




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Dimensions 72 × 47 × 41 cm


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