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MOL Micro 2A Fast Wall Charger


It’s good to play safe


MOL PUSH Micro 2A Fast Wall Charger


MOL PUSH MOL Micro 2A Fast Wall Charger is the new best friend for all tech-savvy pals! Get ready to meet your new charging superhero – the MOL Micro 2A Fast Wall Charger! It’s like having your own personal lightning bolt in your hands (without the thunder and scary storm clouds, of course). This little genius is here to save the day and keep your Lightning-compatible devices charged up and ready for action!

With its global compatibility and acceptance of a wide input voltage range (AC100-240V 50/60Hz 0.3A), this charger is like a world traveler who speaks every charging language. No matter where you are, it’s got your back! And boy, does it deliver a speedy charge! With an output of 5V=2A and 9V, it’s faster than a caffeinated cheetah on roller skates. Say goodbye to those never-ending charging sessions and hello to a quick power boost!

Now, let’s talk durability and style because charging shouldn’t be boring, right? The PUSH Lightning Charger is crafted from high-quality PC Fireproof Material, making it tough enough to handle all your charging adventures. Plus, its sleek black color adds a touch of elegance to your charging station (because charging can be fancy too). And as if that wasn’t enough, it even comes with a 1-meter USB to Micro cable that’s not only great for fast charging but also super efficient when it comes to data transfer. Talk about a charging sidekick that does it all!

Don’t wait another second! Embrace the convenience and lightning-fast charging power of the MOL  Charger. It’s time to say goodbye to low battery anxiety and hello to a life full of charged-up possibilities. Grab yours today and let the power flow!



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Dimensions 70.1 × 48.5 × 38.5 cm


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